Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Teenage Daughter a Horse

I was a pain in the butt as a teenager – I was completely independent, argued with everything that my parents told me, and I wanted complete control over my life when I was just 13. Looking back on things, it was my horse that kept me out of any serious trouble. If you have an unruly daughter, then you might want to consider getting her a horse. Below are six reasons why a horse is great for a teenage daughter.


It Will Help Keep Her out of Trouble

When your daughter is busy riding her horse or cleaning out the barn, she has a lot less time to get herself into trouble. Friends who might be a bad influence on her will get pushed to the sidelines because finding a part-time job to pay for that saddle that she wants will be more important. Some people might say that horses take up too much time, but I completely disagree.

Horses Help to Build Responsibility

Horses, just like any other pet, will depend on its owner for adequate exercise. It will depend on her to learn new things, for food, for water, and for shelter. In other words, the horse will depend on your daughter for everything. This type of dependence helps to build responsibility and characters.

If you are sitting there thinking that the same can be done with a dog (which is much cheaper), then you are right, and you are wrong. In my opinion, having a horse is something that builds a lot more responsibility. For instance, if she had to choose between going out with her friends or walking her dog, she could possibly combine the two. However, with a horse, she will have to dedicate time for the horse only.

Horses Help to Build Self Confidence

Riding is independent, but when you are on the back of a horse you are never truly alone. You are in partnership with your horse and you are the leader. When you are able to control a 1,000-pound animal your confidence is surely to get a boost. There is a form of empowerment and confidence that your daughter will get from working with a large animal such as a horse.

It Will Help Her to Meet New Friends

If she has horse riding lessons and training, then it is highly likely that she will meet many people her own age. Many horse riders will claim that they met their best friends at the barn. The people that she will make friends with will have the devotion and passion that she has and they will not be a bad influence on her like her other friends who just like to go out to parties and get drunk.


It Will Help to Keep Her Humble

Horses will teach your daughter that she is wrong more often than she likes to believe. She did not carry out that move just right, her leg slipped which is why she fell. Nobody else is at fault for her falling off her horse, and the horse can never be blamed. When you are on a horse, you never stop learning about yourself as a person.

It Will Keep Her Active and Fit

Horses, just like any other sport, will help to keep your daughter active. Riding and gearing a horse up are activities that will need her to move around which will help to get her heart pumping and any extra calories burnt. Cleaning stalls and feeding a horse are other activities that build muscles and burn calories. Kids are too sedentary nowadays, so get them a horse.